Understanding High Blood Pressure

and How to Help it Naturally

Almost half of the American adult population has high blood pressure and needs help to lower it — without medication.

According to the CDC — The Center for Disease Control and Prevention website:

In 2017, the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association published new guidelines for hypertension management and defined high hypertension as a blood pressure at or above 130/80 mmHg. Stage 2 hypertension is defined as a blood pressure at or above 140/90 mmHg.

Blood Pressure Categories

Blood Pressure Category

Systolic Blood Pressure

Diastolic Blood Pressure


<120 mmHg


<80 mmHg


120-129 mmHg


<80 mmHg


Stage 1

130-139 mmHg


80-89 mmHg

Stage 2

≥140 mmHg


≥90 mmHg

  • Having hypertension puts you at risk for heart disease and stroke, which are leading causes of death in the United States.
  • In 2020, more than 670,000 deaths in the United States had hypertension as a primary or contributing cause.
  • Nearly half of adults in the United States (47%, or 116 million) have hypertension, defined as a systolic blood pressure greater than 130 mmHg, or a diastolic blood pressure greater than 80 mmHg, or are taking medication for hypertension.
  • Only about 1 in 4 adults (24%) with hypertension have their condition under control.
  • About half of adults (45%) with uncontrolled hypertension have a blood pressure of 140/90 mmHg or higher. This includes 37 million U.S. adults.

The most important thing to understand about high blood pressure is the answer to this question:

Why is my body increasing my blood pressure?

To answer this question you must understand how the body works. Your body is not trying to kill you. It’s not trying to give you a heart attack or stroke. The main reason why it increases blood pressure is because it’s responding to factors that need high blood pressure to balance your health and keep you alive. For example, a major cause of high blood pressure is inflammation, and inflammation is your immune system reacting to something in the environment: when it does this, it increases the blood pressure because that increases blood flow, so you can get more oxygen and nutrients to the cells, more waste products away from the cells, and more of the immune cells to any area of the body that is triggering the inflammation. It increases the blood pressure because it’s an adaptive response. Also, there are mental-emotional factors that are stressors. This means if you’re afraid that there is a lion coming after you then you’re going to need high blood pressure to run away from the stressor.

So you see high blood pressure is helping the body to do an important function that it deems necessary for your health and survival. Why is this so important to understand?

Because of the 40 years that we have been treating patients at Revolution New Medicine, we have had patients come in with uncontrollable blood pressure, who were also on four medications for blood pressure, and it was still uncontrollable. This is because you cannot suppress the body’s response to inflammation and stress — that’s just going to raise it higher. The more you try to lower it, the more it’s going to push against you and try to raise it. This is fighting a never ending battle.

So what’s the answer?

Find out why it has inflammation, there are 12 major causes of inflammation :

  1. Subconscious stress programs
  2. Conscious stress programs
  3. Diet
  4. Chemicals and toxins
  5. Immune imbalances and dysfunction
  6. Infection (viral,bacterial)
  7. Pathogens (fungal, parasitic)
  8. Digestive disorders
  9. Hormonal imbalance
  10. Dehydration
  11. Lack of exercise
  12. Underlying disease

Next find out what’s stressing the body to make it raise the blood pressure in an effort to escape the stressor. This includes the following stressors:

  1. Brain Stress Programs
  2. Brain neurotransmitter imbalance
  3. Brain, organ, gland, tissue, communication imbalance

Once you correct the inflammatory factors and the stressors, the blood pressure naturally reduces. The same patients that we have seen with uncontrollable high blood pressure, even being on four blood pressure medications — after undergoing treatment to remove the inflammation and stress factors, these same patients were able to attain normal blood pressure without any medication at all.

And remember the problem with just taking medication to keep your blood pressure under control — there’s two things to consider with this thought pattern :

  1. This is never addressing the cause of the high blood pressure. It’s just temporarily pushing it down, but the body in time usually adapts, so the blood pressure will gradually creep up and the patient will have to take more medication to try to control it.
  2. All medication has side effects. Most of them have between 7 and 500 side effects. These are not necessarily things that you feel strongly, but they are side effects that negatively affect the biochemistry of how the cells function. Whenever you use a medication, you are putting chemicals into the body that affects the biochemical pathways and can throw them out of balance. This is why the price you pay with any medication is other systems of your body being thrown out of balance as a result of trying to control your blood pressure with the medication.

Is there another way to balance my blood pressure?

Yes, balance the cause and you get a very different effect.

Click here how are you if you would like to start improving your blood pressure naturally, by treating the cause instead of just treating the effect