Understanding High Blood Sugar

According to the National Institutes of Health

One in three Americans have either pre-diabetes or diabetes. This is almost 100,000,000 Americans.

What is high blood sugar?

Blood sugar goes high when glucose goes into the body and is not absorbed and used by the cells quickly enough for their metabolism. So when more glucose is going in than is needed the blood sugar rises; this predominantly is caused by eating too much high glycemic food and not enough vegetables. And not enough exercise or activity: if one eats bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, and refined carbohydrates, and does not burn them quickly enough — which most Americans do not because they do not get enough exercise — the blood sugar rises because it cannot be taken in by the cells quickly enough to be used for fuel. The longer it stays elevated, the cells no longer want it because there’s too much of it, so they actually shut down their glucose transporters because they are overwhelmed by the quantity. This is called insulin resistance.

That’s what insulin is for, correct?

Insulin is the hormone that your body secretes when your blood sugar is high. It is secreted by the pancreas, and it is a hormone that makes the cells open up to take in the glucose. But if there’s way too much glucose, then the body secretes so much insulin that the cells no longer listen to it, because the signals are talking too loudly, with too many insulin molecules, so they just start to ignore the signals. This is called insulin resistance. This comes from chronically having high blood sugar and an over secretion of insulin because of that high blood sugar. The insulin causes the glucose transporters in the cell membranes to open up and let the glucose in, but this will not happen once the cell becomes insulin resistant. So the answer is not more insulin. The answer is less sugar, less simple and refined carbohydrates.

Insulin was only meant for type-one diabetics. This is when the pancreas was damaged with an autoimmune disease, so it no longer makes insulin.

So, if you have high blood sugar, the answer is not found in taking medication with insulin. The answer is found in changing your diet and lifestyle. The only way you can reverse insulin resistance, high blood sugar, and diabetes is change the cellular metabolism, and if you achieve this, then the insulin resistance will return to normal, plus the blood sugar will go back to normal and you will not have any of the side effects from the high blood sugar.

Side effects from excess blood sugar

Most people think if they have high blood sugar or diabetes, all they have to do is take their insulin, but as we stated it becomes less and less efficient — and if you force too much glucose into the cells, the cells will die prematurely. This is why diabetics age 5 times faster than non-diabetics.

With a high blood sugar one is also prone to chronic infections, chronic inflammation in their body, because inflammation follows high blood sugar and increases growth of all pathogens in the body, including fungi, yeast, parasites, and most importantly cancer cells. Diabetics have a 10 times increased cancer risk than non-diabetics.

Another severe side effect of high blood sugar, when it’s not normalized, is kidney dysfunction and disease.

Also, a major problem with high blood sugar is what we call inflammatory sticky blood. The blood actually becomes thicker and sticks together more than normal: this decreases circulation, which means decreased oxygen and nutrients going into the cells and decrease waste products coming out of the cells; along with decreased immunity, because the blood flow becomes slow like molasses instead of fast like water — this decreased circulation predisposes a person to heart attacks and strokes, and can lead  to necrosis and amputation.

So what’s the answer if I have high blood sugar, I’m always just taking my medication and feel fine?

The key here is level of health, not level of how you feel. Many people feel great and walk out of the doctor’s office, and the next day they have a heart attack or stroke and die. The same happens when people feel great and all of a sudden they’re diagnosed with advanced stage cancer: how can this be? How can I feel so good and have such disease processes? It all comes from inflammation, and one of the roots of inflammation is high sugar. So just remember sugar equals inflammation. If you have high sugar, you have high inflammation.

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